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Welcome to the Long Lake Community Website

WhatsUpLongLake is the communication tool for engaging and informing the community using Long Lake in Thurston County. The Long Lake Management District Steering Committee (LMDSC) manages & administers the site. No content reflects an official County position.

Long Lake Facts:

Long Lake is part of a four-lake Woodland Creek drainage system within the Henderson Inlet Watershed. Hicks Lake flows into Pattison Lake, then Long Lake, and into Lois Lake, which drains into Woodard Bay, and finally to Henderson Inlet in Puget Sound.

  • 328 surface acres

  • Mean depth - 12 feet

  • Max. depth - 21 feet

  • Length - ~1.5 miles

  • Shoreline length - 7.1 miles

Join us in our efforts to help our Lake community.

LMD Steering Committee Members

County Staff to LMD

Stuart Whitford

Thurston County Environmental Health


Latest News

Local Initiatives

Latest Newsletter & LMDSC Minutes

County Staff publish a semi-annual Newsletter in cooperation with LMD  Steering Committee. Generally, the Newsletters are mailed to residents included in the Management District. However, the Winter 2022 Newsletter is only available here online.

Click here to read the latest Newsletter.

Click here to read the latest LMDSC Meeting Minutes.

Another location option for a proposed airport

Good news for local residents  concerned about locating a new commercial airport site in south Thurston County. Yakama is a willing partner for the Washington State Transportation Commission looking to find a location for a new airport.

Click here to read the latest.

2024 LMD Annual Meeting

The 2024 Annual Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 25, 2024, 6:30 -8:30pm.

Please join us in person at:

Lacey Presbyterian Church

3045 Carpenter Rd SE

(Across from Thurston County Fairgrounds)

or Via Zoom 

Meeting ID: 841 5571 9799

Passcode: 021914


Click here to download the 2023 LMD Annual Meeting presentation.

LMD History

WA State RCW 36.61 authorized WA counties to create management districts in 1985. A committee of dedicated Long Lake residents in cooperation with County staff submitted County Resolution 8568 on March 9, 1987 that requested a vote by property owners to establish a new Long Lake management district including taxing authority. With Ordinance 8587 on April 13, 1987, Thurston County Commissioners authorized Long Lake Management District 2 for a period of five years. Since then, at the request of the Long Lake Management District Steering Committee, Thurston County adopted six subsequent Long Lake Management District resolutions covering the following years continuously.

Click here to download a  more complete historical LMD timeline.

And click here to read a 1997 Long Lake News article capturing the memories of Bill & Blanche Oliva. The Oliva family moved to Long Lake in 1961. They recalled "Millionaires Row", a deadly float plane crash, Richter's Dairy Farm that is now Vista Village, and the Shorewood Villa dance pavilion; the names sake for several subdivisions around the lake.  Bill Oliva died in 2012.

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