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What's the buzz? Tell me what's-a-happening

Credit the lyrics to the 1990s musical. But what IS the “buzz” many of us are seeing and hearing at the Carpenters Park lakeside parcel on the east shoreline of the north basin? Well, credit the County for posting the "Revised Project Narrative" for your information.

“The Deutscher – Carpenter’s Park Bulkhead Repair and hazard tree removal involves the repair/replacement of approximately 150 lineal feet of concrete bulkhead with natural stone on Long Lake. The repair/replacement of the bulkhead is necessary to prevent continued erosion and sedimentation of the shoreline area caused by wake/surf recreational watercraft utilizing the lake.

The project also involves the removal of 42 trees that have been deemed hazardous by a professional forester.

Maintenance of the northern portion of the existing roadway leading down to the lake is also involved. The maintenance activity involves the placement of 4” to 6” quarry spalls on the upslope portion of the existing road. All work is within the existing road prism.

None of the bulkhead repair, road maintenance and tree removal work is proposed near the properties existing septic systems, septic tanks, septic pumps or transport line.

Equipment used for the bulkhead repair and road maintenance utilized the existing looped access road shown on the site plan to the shoreline area.

The applicant is seeking a shoreline permit exemption for the bulkhead repair/replacement and road maintenance components of the project under RCW 90.58.030(3)(e)(i)&(ii) and WAC 173-27-040(2)(b) and (c).

An executed voluntary compliance agreement between the applicant and the County requires that a JARPA and CARP application be submitted to the County to determine permit requirements.”

For more information or questions, please contact the COMMUNITY PLANNING AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CONTACT: Scott McCormick, 360 867-2116,, and reference PROJECT NUMBER: 2022101644.


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