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Invasive Brazilian Elodea Found in Long Lake

Please do not dispose materials from a home aquarium into Long Lake. A recent LMDSC lake “weed tour” again found a small population of Brazilian elodea in the south basin near the Afflerbaugh Island neighborhood. Once introduced into a waterway, Brazilian elodea spreads wildly.

Brazilian elodea is an ornamental aquatic plant that is used primarily for fish aquariums. Infestations can alter aquatic ecosystems and degrading water quality. It forms dense mats that shade out other native aquatic plants, inhibits water flow, and recreational activities.

Brazilian elodea can be difficult to control. Since it spreads by stem and rhizome fragments, mechanical methods such as cutting and harvesting are not advisable. These methods can increase the infestation. The entire plant must be removed. Small populations can be carefully handpulled if all plant parts can be removed. This plant is also on the Washington State quarantine list. It is prohibited to transport, buy, sell, offer for sale, or distribute plants or plant parts within the state of Washington.

So please, never dispose materials from a home aquarium into a public watershed. And if you suspect a patch of Brazilian elodea, please contact Thurston County Aquatic Resource Specialist Cole Webster at 360-436-3419, or your neighborhood LMDSC representative.



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